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This book is about competition, all in social life is about competition: feelings are in competition; competing interpretations emerge as expressions; the expressions compete with other expressions, and they are open to competing interpretations. � �Moral� is one more aspect of competition of feelings; the norms (in all of the games) are in competition. � And as the perceptions compile to grosser and grosser perceptions we think about �law�, �religion�, �morals�, �economy�, �politics� etc. � small perceptions pile up to big ones. � (It might be necessary to add that, naturally, individual, particular, people�s activities in all being are in constant competition � the idea of will to power is not far fetched here.)

Let�s consider some aspects of the big perceptions: �law�, �economy� and �politics.�

Law is a competition of arguments and the outcome is competitive justice.

There is only one �kind� of economy; the classification only describes the level of competition in the economic practices: A more competitive economy is on the continuum of perceptions on the side we could call �market economy�, and a �socialist economy� is on the other side of the continuum, where the competition is more distorted.

Democracy is a function of the conditions for competition. Democracy exists on a continuum from good to bad. The extreme case of bad democracy is where a ruthless dictator is in charge � but even there she is in charge only as long as she can � until she is stopped by the people at whose mercy she is. We sometimes hear it said �that democracy is the worst form of Government, except all those others that have been tried from time to time�. But, this is a gross misunderstanding - all systems are about democracy, there are no alternatives � it is only a question of the quality of the democracy � democracy is a competitive system, which has to be made ever more competitive. What should be said is: �indeed, the more competition there is in the democratic system the better it is, we can see what failures non-competitive systems bring about.� - Parliamentarism does not meet the standards of competitive democracy, and cannot be the foundation for a competitive society. � Parliamentarism is the system of totalitarianism of the majority: the artificial majority (the majority of political players).

The mission of any correct politics or political leadership is to create conditions for the best possible competition. � This means the function to prevent all forms of monopolies and abuse of dominant market position in all aspects of life � again this has been best understood in the economic sphere with the anti-trust legislation � the US Sherman Act of 1890 is hereby a decisive milestone in development of humanity. � Now we only have to convince that monopolies and abuse of dominant market position are the cancers of all aspects of life: religion; media; democracy; morals; science�

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