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All is Art

All is art: the art we see as deliberate art, but also science and even our daily being. Art is being, the living in search of an expression for interpretation of feelings. - Interpretations of each individual life is captured in the expressions of language, and through language all human, all aspects of human life are governed by, and reflected in social practices, in people�s lives in the commonwealth.

The All is Art reveals the connection of art with the evolution of the physical and chemical through biological to the mental and language � all related in the binary struggle between pain and pleasure of which art is a reflection of, and a quest to overcome. This binary friction occurs in all aspects of life from the smallest cellular processes to the grand combats between men on earth. In art through language, expressions, the battle between pain and pleasure is brought from the biological organism to the mental plane. � The mental is later than the biological, and language is the latest stage of development; language as of yet underdeveloped, not fit for feelings; a language restricting thinking � what can be thought of - and knowledge - what can be known. Language is our challenge.

Art is the answer. Art is the great laboratory of mankind; art for art�s sake the only true means for exploring the limits of the unknown, an assault on the frontiers of the unthinkable, the unknowable. Therefore a breakthrough in art, a breakthrough in expression, is a breakthrough in science, and this is the only true progress we can ever hope for.

Art � interpretation of feelings. Art is a search for the proper expression for interpretation of personal feelings. � Here again we note how it is that all being can be seen as processes where the feelings of an individual are related to the expressions of others � those expressions that we may call social practices. According to this idea the mental in the individual remains empty - lacking meaning and marked by the absence of all human qualities� and without means to develop, as long as there is no contact with other people. It is the same with art: art is a search for proper expressions to individual interpretations - interpretations of individual feelings; these feelings and the expressions we attempt to discover through searching the internal, but even this search of the internal we can undertake only through properly accounting for the external; this search is an inward projection of the reflections of the external, the social, language; these are the same expressions and interpretations of social practices, of all our being, which is art. While all being is art what sets the deliberate forms of art apart is a conscious attempt to find better means to express, find expressions which penetrate the surface of reality, expression with which we can plumb the depths of feelings. We could think of the artist - the scientist of the mind � while exploring the inner self facing a similar task as a physician or a radiologist conducting medical imagining of the inner anatomy, movements and functions of body parts; the artist is confronted with the challenge to grasp the same movements in the emotions and feelings of the body, to obtain a picture, a diagnosis, of his inner feelings, and then to interpret and project the findings in images and expressions of art, literature, painting, dance�

The human being is driven by a feeling of art, artistic creativity. In his art he gives an expression to his feelings, his feelings in competition, competition continuously within and beyond, in the internal and the external.

With the various forms of art we aim at catching all the infinite variances of human feelings, and to eventually find the expressions that will give humanity peace. In his search the artist who is seized by the overwhelming idea to transgress the present reality gives himself fully over to art and converts his own body into a solitary laboratory of pain and pleasure, in his search half consciously half unconsciously inflicting himself with the most inhuman pain � for pain is his method. There is no anesthesia to temper the pains of the artist, and there is no avoiding of the splinter wounds that the artist unwillingly � because the artist can not stop before any force - inflicts on those that stand in the way of the new expression.

All is art, even science itself, is a form of art, a special genre, formalistic, dull, and rarely sincere, but art all the same. � Art is not what is defined as art, but all, all our being, everyday actions and activities is art. Upon reflection this is understood, but in the mind � the scientific mind � there lives a perversion which arranges reality in different terms. In the mind, under the influence of the language of things, the grammar of thingly perceptions, deform reality, become reality and take over reality. As a result an imperishable wall between reality and belief has been erected in the mind. This wall captures perceptions, makes snapshots of them, stores the snapshots, and converts them into a thingly reality, where all gets classified, divided into categories, and defined. Defined � definitions, the most sacred activity of science and the most dangerous. Definitions are what the mind craves for, it can never have enough of them, this is the intellectual feed that the body is dying for, a craving which is like a built in feature of the biological organism. But this feature, this fallacy, is precisely what we have to free us from, free ourselves from the captivity of definitions, classifications, the whole grammar of language of things, instead we have to learn to see the infinite variances, infinite aspects of life � dimensions, depths, relations � all at once, all in the same, all as aspects of one.

The very existence of a human is a lifelong artistic expression; life in all its manifestations is art. When we speak we give an artistic expression to the interpretation of our feelings. Each moment of life, of being, of behaving, of saying and being silent, is an act of the human art. Some are more explicit about their art than others; some make a point of their art, some know they are doing it, some just do it by being. Stressing individuality is an act of art. The styles of art are as many as there are moments in life, each moment carries a new expression; and individuality is the ultimate demonstration of art, a show of feeling. - Art styles � like all - come in infinite variances

I have equated being with interpretation of feelings, and art with being, science with art, and cognition with interpretation of individual feelings mirrored in social practices. All are aspects of one, therefore they can be presented in any order or any association, and other words can be thrown in to depict the same issues, we may replace being or art with language or knowledge and so on in various combinations, but always we return to the same basic idea of expressions and interpretations � being, art, science�.are expressions and interpretations reflecting feelings of one in a social context.

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